Decorating Your Bedroom With A French Theme

Does your bedroom need a makeover? Decorating a bedroom according to a particular theme is often a good idea because it provides a guideline, but it also leaves room for several variations. If you have a style in mind, you can easily choose the decor to fit the theme.

French themes are an attractive choice for women and teenage girls. Popular French themes include the Parisian theme and the French country style. These styles are quite different so be careful to choose the one that will suit you or your daughter. The Parisian theme is usually urban and sophisticated. The French country style is more rustic and relaxed.

The Parisian Themed Bedroom

The traditional colours used to decorate a Parisian themed bedroom are black, white, and pink. It is a good idea to paint the walls in a soft and neutral shade such as pale yellow or cream because black or white walls often look a bit harsh. Many interior decorators use pink and white striped curtains or pink and white curtains with a classic pattern for the windows. Place black and white photographs of French scenes or paintings with black and white frames on the walls to complete the look. Some people like to feature photographs or paintings of French icons, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Opera House.

You should choose elegant and chic furniture for the Parisian-themed bedroom. Many decorators like to use a classic, French style, such as Louis XVI. A four-poster bed with sweeping drapes is often included in this type of room. An antique dresser or a vintage dresser with a large, framed mirror completes the Parisian look.

Choose the best materials for your bed linen in this type of room so that the bed looks as elegant as the rest of the room. Linen, lace, and silk bed linen are often chosen. Pretty pastel shades or classic white bed linen is often recommended by decorators.

The French Country Style Bedroom

The French country style bedroom evokes the charming look of a French country cottage if it is decorated well. It can include elements of shabby chic or a more old-fashioned rustic decor could be used. It is usually a soft, rather feminine style of decorating which is unsophisticated and informal.

Soft, pastel colours are usually used to decorate this type of bedroom. Some suggestions are light or forget-me-not blue colours, light greens, or pale pink colours. Walls could be painted in any of these colours or cream or pale yellow. Material with a floral pattern could be used for the curtains, or you could choose stripes which are not too harsh in a pastel shade.

The style of furniture used in this room should look more informal than the furniture which decorates a Parisian-themed bedroom. Instead of a four-poster bed, for example, choose a bed with a wrought-iron headboard, or a high slat bed made of wood. No French country style bedroom is complete without an armoire. This could be an antique or in a vintage style. A vintage or antique style dressing-table adds a touch of glamour to the room. The colour of the furniture in this type of room is often white but polished wood in a cherry colour also looks good, according to many decorators.

Bed linen could be cotton, linen or toile. Quilts or bedspreads with pretty floral patterns in pastel colours are often used in this type of bedroom. A toile quilt or bedspread placed over plain, pastel sheets is another suggestion. You could add many pillows or cushions in different shapes and sizes to the bed. Make sure that the bed linen doesn’t clash with the rest of the room. The look of the room should be completely harmonious.

Choose the style that you’d like for your bedroom or your daughter’s bedroom carefully. It should suit the personality of the person who sleeps in it. A Parisian-themed bedroom will suit a more sophisticated or urbane woman or teenager, for example. A bedroom should be a sanctuary, so it is important to make sure that it has the right atmosphere for you or your daughter.

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