Decorate Your Home for Winter With Blankets

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it’s time to head into hibernation mode. Homeowners prepare for the long winter ahead by covering the barbeque, storing the patio furniture, and pulling out the snow shovel. They then head indoors to a quiet and cozy home, retreating from the frosty air under a warm blanket.

Blankets have become popular accessories for living rooms and bedrooms for one simple reason – they look comfortable. A bed with a bare mattress looks cold and uninviting. A bed with a single comforter on it seems inviting. But a bed with a fluffy comforter and a warm blanket tossed at the foot of the bed seems downright cozy – a retreat from the hectic world. Look in any home magazine, and you’ll find that most designers include at least one blanket in their living room and bedroom designs. To make your home cozy and inviting, follow their lead.

If your decor is best described as country or cottage, cozy up your home for winter with knitted or crocheted blankets. Sturdy cable-knit blankets and multicolour afghans work best in living rooms because they can best withstand abuse; save your delicate mohair and alpaca knitted blankets for the bedroom. As for displaying the blankets, keep it casual. Drape a throw over the ottoman in your living room, and casually toss an afghan across the foot of your bed. If you have extra wall space, buy an old wooden ladder, lean it against the wall, and fold your blankets across the rungs – instant artwork.

Traditional homes need blankets more formal in design. If you favor traditional decor, invest in soft wool throws and blankets. If your space already has patterned curtains and wallpaper, buy blankets in solid colors to avoid overwhelming the space. Greys, whites, and creams always look sophisticated, especially when they are trimmed with elegant silk fringe. To keep your home looking refined, avoid tossing your blanket collection around the room. Instead, keep your blankets contained in old porcelain planters or antique suitcases placed by a sofa or a night stand.

If your home is modern or contemporary in style, you’ll need a blanket with a streamlined pattern; you’ll want to avoid any busy chintzes or plaids, which will look out-of-place next to your Eames chairs and Saarinen table. Try a blanket made of men’s suiting material – the clean lines will complement your decor perfectly. To display your blankets, clear a space on your living room bookshelf or your bedroom dresser. Neatly fold your throws and stack them like books on the shelf or dresser top. Alternatively, you can stretch your crisply folded blankets across the arm of a couch or the back of a chair.

Blankets can add instant warmth to a space, But don’t just admire this accessory – use it. On cool nights, nothing is cozier than curling up under a warm blanket, preferably by a warm fire with a good book. Decorating your home with blankets will make your winter hibernation that much more enjoyable.

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