Dining Room Walls

Dining rooms offer wonderful opportunities to express style and beauty. Wall space in dining rooms typically includes at least one expansive area, as well as narrow spaces between doors or windows and corners. Use these walls to set a tone and treat the viewer’s eye.


Colour choice is important. Dining rooms often use red, which is said to stimulate the appetite. Red is also dramatic, bold and hot. Other colours convey other feelings. Greens and blues are peaceful. Yellow is warm and cheerful, a good way to warm up a dark area. Earth tones set up a neutral palette that can be used as a backdrop to showcase other décor while matching well with other rooms visible from the dining room.

Paint or Wallpaper

Wall treatments run the gamut from fast and easy paint or single-tone wallpaper for walls in poorer condition, to elaborate murals, stencils, cloth and other materials with texture. The dining room is well suited for more decorative, fancy treatments. Walls in this room are not assaulted with grease, like the kitchen, or water, like bathrooms, or grime from children’s play. A very effective way to decorate the dining room is to select one wall for a special treatment and paint or paper the other wall space to complement it.

Wall Hangings

The dining room can be used to showcase beautiful wall hangings. Tapestries, quilts and rugs with elaborate designs add rich colour and texture. Bas relief sculptures, available in paper maché, resin and light plasters as well as stone, are unusual and striking.

Look at original artwork for display in the dining room. One very large painting on canvas, or a two- or three-panel piece, will add dramatic beauty. Photography and watercolor works are generally less expensive yet very appealing.

Embroidered silk banners enhance a vertical wall space. Clay pottery pieces and painted tiles can also be hung in a narrow area for eye appeal.

Other Touches

Add warmth to the dining room. Buy an odd number of various sizes of picture frames, all of the same type. Frame family and friends portraits and snapshots. Hang the framed pictures in a group on a smaller wall in the dining room.

Or use plate shelves and hangers for lovely pottery and china pieces. Hang these in a group for impact. Or search through a used book store for a book with good quality prints. This might be a book of field flowers, birds, anatomy, maps or geometric designs. Do not use an art book with prints of paintings; these tend to look cheap when cut out and framed. Carefully cut out three or five prints from your chosen book, frame and hang in the dining room.

In a dining room window, hang hand-blown glass globes. Or arrange coloured glass bottles, or vases, to catch the light. Choose the window treatment to complement the wall décor. Shades and curtains that filter, rather than block the light give privacy without darkening the dining room.

Dining room walls provide a great opportunity to display more delicate and elaborate wall treatments. This room invites experimentation with color and texture for a unique, pleasing highlight in the home. Decorate your dining room walls to express yourself with the colours and things that please you most.

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