Langley Waterproof Systems Ltd

Langley Waterproof Systems Ltd was founded in the 1920s, when in answer to building demands in the aftermath of the first world war, the company started to import clay tiles from Europe.

It is now one of the largest suppliers in the UK of the highest quality roof products with an extensive range of waterproofing membranes. Highly conscious of the need to keep the company’s carbon footprint as low as possible, and to answer the increasing demand for commercial green roofing to mitigate the UHI (urban heat island) effect, it has also become one of the leading experts and suppliers of green roof systems both in the UK and internationally.

In the USA, the company contributed to the makeover of the Ford Company in Dearborn, Michigan, which at over ten acres boasts the largest area of extensive green roofing in the world.

Langley specializes in all types of green roofing: extensive, semi-intensive, intensive and biodiverse (also known as brown roofs) on flat and pitched roofs and it has become the company’s policy to promote renewable sources and suggest ‘green’ options to all its clients. Whether it is for a new or retrofitted roof, Langley offers a range of products and systems, made to the highest technical specifications, to suit every bespoke green roofing project.

A typical Langley extensive roof (flat to a pitch of 14°), is first meticulously prepared and then primed with Siplast primer, the deck is then waterproofed and thermally insulated with layers of compatible materials topped by a graviflex anti-root barrier. Then comes the filter and a nutrifoam drainage mat, finally a ready grown sedum mat which includes the substrate.

The sedum mats are cultivated specifically for Langley on a farm in Yorkshire. With enough nutrients to last many years, sedum is planted into a highly porous nutrifoam vegetation mat on a made up substrate of clay, crushed brick, pumice and bark. There are many types of sedum to choose from and Langley also has attractive combination mats of Sedum, grass and herbs and Sedum and herbs. The matting is cultivated to resist wind erosion and uplift without needing restraint or extra loading on buildings up to a height of 20 metres.

Technical assistance from highly trained staff with an architectural division for technical support is also on hand and recommended for all designers of green roofs. Langley’s contractors are fully trained and MCS accredited and are monitored by experts from the company throughout a roof’s construction or makeover. Its website is packed with information, has a good portfolio and a comprehensive selection of detailed, very well-presented, downloadable pdfs.

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